You might be thinking two things at this point, one, how the hell is deforestation a good thing and what is that building in the main image. Well, the two are the harmonious result of our actions.

Through our deforestation of retired bamboo, we were able to provide materials to businessmen wearing sunglasses in the middle of the night in discreet locations and sell them bamboo. The trade didn’t start so well, given the quantity needed and our only means of transportation was Wilson’s Yugo. The project was the construction of a full bamboo casino. Sounds odd, granted, but the results are there.

The casino is 90% bamboo from toilets to casino chips and not forgetting a great selection of Wilson’s toothpicks.

The bamboo casino is a majestic piece of architecture that seamlessly blends into its natural surroundings as you can see captured in the untouched, un-photoshopped image.

The casino opened in 2019 and houses all the essential needs for those with a gambling problem. The tables are 100% retired bamboo that provides for those wanting to play games like roulette, blackjack, poker and craps.

The casino has a bar which is 101% retired bamboo, that gives the casino a wonderful homely feel for its guests. The cost of the building was under $1,500 and expenses in petrol included. We took a deal out with the company that also allows us free use of the guest facilities, which include a bamboo swing, swimming pool and a complimentary pack of toothpicks. If you wish to contribute to the environment you can always visit casino online like:

Though Wilson and I do not gamble and have no concept of the industry, we were stunned to learn that this could be a multi-million-dollar business and we could have gotten a lot more toothpicks from them.

Our forestry association is still looking at new business ventures and this has led us to the idea of expanding the Kyoto bamboo forest into other areas. Since the build of the casino, we have managed to grow the forest an extra 50 acres by planting more bamboo in the ocean that sits next to the Kyoto site.

The future does indeed look promising. The bamboo casino is getting a lot of interest from local authorities and has become a tourist attraction for those that have a fetish for all things made of bamboo. Hopefully, with all the attention it is receiving it may start a franchise and other businessmen in sunglasses will come knocking to use plenty more of our retired bamboo and build more of these fantastic structures to help put gambling (such as blackjack and all his strategy) into other remote areas.

If you wish to visit the casino, we’re unfortunately unable to help as Wilson lost the map, which was kept in the glove compartment of his Yugo that was sold after we came into some money. We’ll be sure that if any similar venture comes up, that we hold on to the location of the casinos to provide for so you can see the site for yourself and enjoy an evening of betting on bamboo tables and having a refreshing drink at the bamboo bar.